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Prescott Ranch Blog

Enjoying Island Life: Granite, Quartz, or Marble?

Posted by Prescott Ranch on Mar 31, 2020 11:00:00 AM
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Island living is a magical thing—and we’re not just talking about palm trees and margaritas here. We’re referencing the centerpiece of your kitchen, that last bastion of ample counter space and breakfasting convenience: the kitchen island. When you’re considering your new home, the countertops you choose for your space, center island included, make an impressive impact on the room’s overall aesthetic. Here are the pros and cons of the top luxury countertop choices on the market.




Granite countertops are the real deal, made from stone slabs taken straight from the earth, cut, and polished to make your kitchen look stunning. Since the material is all-natural, each slab is unique. Keep in mind that it’s normal to have some variation from the samples because of this. Granite is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a custom aesthetic that is truly unreplicable. 


  • Each slab is one of a kind because it’s a natural stone.  
  • Granite resists heat, cuts, and scratching well. 
  • When properly sealed, it’s resistant to most stains.


  • According to Consumer Reports, corners and edges can chip.
  • It does require resealing. So though it’s low maintenance, it’s not quite one and done.
  • It’s very heavy, so granite must be well supported.  





Quartz countertops are a little different, made from a mix of mineral, color, and resin to create a customizable look that comes with the durability and style benefits reminiscent of natural stone finishes. Because of its strength and style, quartz is ideal for busy young families with bustling kitchens that still maintain a polished look. 


  • Quartz is more durable than natural stone, so it requires less maintenance.
  • It’s also stain, heat, and scratch-resistant.
  • This is an excellent choice for busy kitchens. 


  • It’s a manufactured composite, rather than all-natural stone
  • It can chip. But just about anything can chip under the right (or wrong) conditions. 
  • Quartz may show a seam where pieces join, depending on the finished style.   





The look of marble speaks for itself, evoking the same sense of elegance that you find in monuments and classic buildings. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and styles so that you can customize to your heart’s content. Marble is the perfect choice for anyone who prizes a classic style and has the time to ensure proper maintenance of the countertops over time. 


  • Marble is a symbol of luxury, plain and simple. 
  • It has a bold look that makes a statement in any space.
  • Most stains wipe away easily with water, according to Consumer Reports testing.


  • It is a softer and more porous stone, and it can chip more easily than some of the other options. 
  • It does need to be resealed from time to time. 
  • Marble develops a patina over time, so its appearance will change slightly with the years. 


The best way to narrow down your choices for high-end finishings is to make a stop at the Prescott Ranch sales center, where you can scan through samples and get a tactile take as you flip through each option. Click here to find out how to get to us.  


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